Who would have thought it was so hard to set up a blog?

Yes. This is a blog about books, and yes, it should have tons of reviews. But before we get to that, we have to set up the blog. That is proving to be exceptionally hard. Why, you ask, are we having such a hard time doing something that any 12-year old can do?


First off: Where’s the tutorial? We thought setting up a blog would be much like a Facebook profile or an all-you-can-eat buffet! Follow these simple steps, choose what you want and boom – you’re done. But… apparently, it’s not. It’s more like clicking around frantically until you finally come across something that works—only to lose it again ten minutes later. For example: How do we find the categories? For some reason, they seem to disappear every time we need them. So, we just spent an hour frantically clicking through all the menus. We don’t even remember where we found them, and we hope that we’ll never have to look for them again!


Overall, the process has been really long. And exhausting, and has included the best falafels in town, tons of Chai Latte and croissants. But it’s also really exciting, and we can’t wait to start writing (like, for real).


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